Closing in on Camp

So, we have a little less than 2 weeks until leadership camp (week 1 of 2 for me) begins. And I’m getting a little nervous! Since returning from my honeymoon, I’ve been busy. First my husband and I moved to the city near my job. Which took DAYS. Then of course, I got sick. And finally I’m starting to recover. But in that time (about 2 weeks) I have:

-met with the band boosters for the first time

-sent out 2 emails to the kids

-figured out color guard stuff

-freaked out about clothes

So I’ve been busy! The meeting with the band boosters went very well, we all got along fabulously and I can’t wait for this season. Any changes I proposed were met with open arms, and any suggestions were considered in terms of fundraising. It also gave me a chance to hear what some concerns were, both about me being new here and based on what the previous director did (or didn’t do). I’m so ready for this season, since now I know what our fundraisers are, when they happen, and what my role is in all of them. This took a lot of stress off my shoulders.

We also planned ways to get the kids more involved with the community, which was hard since I don’t know the community. I definitely lucked out with such great boosters. My tip to future first-years? First, GO TO THE MEETINGS. It  matters to the parents that you’re invested, and it matters to YOU what’s going on behind the scenes! Second, bring a list of things you need to ask or talk about to your first meeting. I had a big list of topics I needed to ask about, and only about half of them were on the meeting’s agenda. I just brought up the rest of them myself. This meeting took about 2 or 3 hours, which was super long, but worth it for the comfort we all feel going into this new year.

I also have a meeting with our color guard director (who also happens to be the choir teacher) this week. Hopefully we can plan out more for them, as well as figure out how we want the program to go this year! She’s super nice, and close to my age, which will be a nice change of pace from other new coworkers. It can be intimidating to always be the youngest in the room by a long shot.



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