The First Few Days

WOW  have I been busy! This past Monday I started PD (Professional Development) for school, and then classes started on Thursday. PD was pretty normal, since I’d already been in my room for band camp, I mostly just made bulletin boards and decorated my 5th grade classroom. Then school started and it was a whirlwind! My high schoolers all know me, so that’s not a big deal, but 4th hour was when I started meeting new kids. I had 5th grade, which is in a traditional classroom, and I’m teaching “basics of music” aka how to read music. This will be super helpful when they get to 6th grade and do band or choir, since everything will just be review and we can start reading pieces sooner! This class is new this year, up until now they’ve been in band in 5th grade. I think this will work out well, but we’ll see. Then I had 7th, 6th, and 8th grade (in that order). My 7th graders were great, very curious about me and band and all that I had to say. Definitely a bunch of sweethearts. I have 45 6th graders… that’s a struggle. I spent half my time telling them to stop talking and sit down. Hopefully once we have instruments and music that will go by faster, and they won’t be as rowdy because they’ll be busy. My 8th graders are the most skeptical. They are definitely still hurt by the sudden disappearance of the last director, and were hesitant to get excited or talk to me during class. A few of them warmed up to me the second day, but most of them are just a little concerned still. Hopefully as time goes on they’ll warm up to me, like my high schoolers did!

It was so busy and hectic and fun, I haven’t had time to sit and relax basically in a couple weeks! Hopefully things settle down as I get more into my routine, but for now, I’m a bit overwhelmed at all the stuff I have to do. I’ll check in tomorrow with some more details about my plans for this year, as well as talking about some stuff I didn’t expect to have to worry about.


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