About Me

Hi! I’m a 2017 graduate in Instrumental Music Education from a university in Missouri. I play clarinet primarily, and tenor sax for jazz. I took my first job at a small district in Missouri, about 1000 kids k-12. I’ll be teaching band for grades 5-12, including marching band, jazz band, concert band, pep band, and different levels of beginning band. I hope to stick around for a while and really build up a program!

I like to work out, run, play with dogs, play video games, read, and sew in my (very rare) free time. I’m recently married, and enjoy all things crafty. My husband and I have two cats, and I plan to get a dog in a couple years. I love Game of Thrones, and Mary Poppins! I also love to travel and see new things. I’m always up for a chat 🙂

I’m going to try to keep my identity pretty unknown, so as to keep my school and students safe and unknown. So don’t be alarmed if I am vague about certain topics or concepts!