One Week to Leadership!

One week from now, leadership camp begins. And I am terrified of what to do. I know the basics (introduce everyone, talk about expectations). But I don’t know what activities we should do, what things we should discuss, or anything like that. I do know they will ask lots of questions, because I’m new and… Continue reading One Week to Leadership!

The Struggle of Teacher Clothes

Something I never thought about before beginning my teaching degree: the clothes. It can be difficult to find clothes that look cute, are flattering, age-appropriate, and SCHOOL-appropriate. I didn’t think about it at all until my first observations, where I realized I would need more than 1 pair of nice pants. So I bought a… Continue reading The Struggle of Teacher Clothes

The Summer Before

So. Here we are, Summer 2017, about 3 weeks before band camp…what have I done? Panicked. A lot. I didn’t think about having to pick a show without knowing the kids or their level. I didn’t think about hiring staff for percussion and guard, and I didn’t think about budgets and how to buy a… Continue reading The Summer Before